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One moment can change everything. 

For Danny Musengo, that moment came when he was the sole survivor in a car accident that claimed seven lives on a highway in Iowa. After that tragic event, he moved to NYC and dedicated himself to music. 

Dan Teicher, a guitarist and producer, met Danny through a mutual friend who described Danny’s voice as “Rod Stewart on two packs of smokes.” Within weeks, The Ludlow Thieves were born.

Along their journey, they picked up Laura Teicher--now, Dan's wife--on vocals, Walker Adams on drums, Isamu McGregor on piano/keys and Amanda Lo on violin.

The Ludlow Thieves’ music has been used in The World Series, and they have collaborated with Kanye West for a World Cup commercial with Adidas. They will be releasing new music 2018 that promises to move the band beyond any musical or territorial boundaries. The sound is as enormous as it is exuberant, and it will tell Danny’s story, starting on a highway in Iowa. 


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New Unreleased Music

by The Ludlow Thieves

For Release in 2019‹

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